Daily Crime & Fire Logs

The Clery Act requires the institution to maintain a daily crime log, written in a form that can be easily understood. The purpose of the daily crime log is to record all criminal incidents and alleged criminal incidents that are reported to TTPD and Campus Security Authorities (CSA). Therefore, not all incidents listed on the crime log are included in Clery statistics, TTPD statistics, or being investigated by law enforcement.

Incidents are posted in the Crime Log within two business days of the information being reported to TTPD or to a Campus Security Authority. A business day is Monday through Friday, except for days when the institution is closed (such as holidays or other scheduled breaks).

Additionally, a CSA report is not a report to the police department. CSA reports are documented incidents of Clery Crime occurring on Clery geography that were reported to a CSA in order to track crime statistics and provide safety information to the community. Since these reports are not official reports to the police, TTPD is unable to conduct an investigation. CSA reports are submitted to the Clery Compliance Director who typically has limited information on theses incidents.

In addition to the crime log, institutions with on-campus student housing are required to maintain a log recording any fire that occurred in one of these facilities. For transparency, TTU includes all fires that occur on Texas Tech owned property within the log.

More information on fire safety, fire statistics in on-campus residence halls, or fire safety systems can be found in the Annual Security and Fire Safety Report.

Questions about the crime log should be directed to the Texas Tech Police Department at 806-742-3931 or police@ttu.edu. Questions about the fire log should be directed to the Texas Tech Fire Marshal at 806-742-3931 or walter.james@ttu.edu.

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