Daily Crime Logs

The Clery Act requires the institution to maintain a daily crime log, written in a form that can be easily understood, recording all crimes reported to the Texas Tech Police Department. The log includes the incident case number, the date reported to the police, the date of the incident, a general description of the incidents, the general location, and the disposition of the case. The Clery Act requires that this initial information be open for public inspection within two business days of the report of the crime unless the release of the information would jeopardize an ongoing investigation, cause the suspect to flee or result in the destruction of evidence.

The information contained within the log is displayed by campus and date starting with the most recent date first. Click on the campus below to see specific details pertaining to that campus, click the “select another campus” button to return to this page. Please use the print button if you wish to print or save the records. If you are looking for information beyond 60 days, please use the search by date fields to custom your search. The new crime log format went into effect on November 15, 2020 and includes incidents dating back to September 1, 2020. All incidents prior to this will be maintained within the old format, available in the archived crime logs.

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